Yogi Tea

A tea like no other.

YOGI TEAs are complex, creative, unique tea blends that inspire and excite in the many different situations we encounter in daily life. The YOGI TEA philosophy is rooted in Indian Ayurvedic teachings, which state that you can find greater balance in life through refined sensory experiences.

YOGI TEA is a brand leader in the organic teas market and is produced and distributed worldwide. Our history with YOGI TEA began in 2009. We initially started out in tastings but have since been tasked with lots of out-of-home activities for YOGI TEA. Each campaign is a real delight and gives both us and the customers a real zest for life.

It’s good to try new things.

We conduct YOGI TEA taste tests and product consultancy in food retailers, chemists and organic and health food shops around the country to open up new markets. An important part of this is explaining the philosophy behind the brand.

Taste tests and samples increase YOGI TEA brand awareness, ensure the target group learns about the benefits of the product and boost sales of YOGI TEA. After over 1,500 days in business, we have still succeeded in topping the previous year’s sales figures year on year; the brand is becoming increasingly popular and the consumer response is positive.

 YOGI TEA tastes good and does good – what a success!


Tea to go.

In addition to the activities in shops, we also carry out various samplings for YOGI TEA. Whether it’s at events, on the street or a cooperative sample hand out in a yoga studio, we provide the contacts to spread the message of YOGI TEA. Because YOGI TEA isn’t just a tea, it also helps to harmonise body, mind and soul. And who doesn’t need that?