Nothing is nicer than a good story.

Storytelling is the oldest form of advertising in the world. Word of mouth used to be the only way to advertise. Today, it is no longer the only way, but it’s still one of the most effective;

stories are not so easily forgotten, people like to tell them, they make people talk and stories enrich lives.

We are glad to create stories for our clients. True stories that move the target audience, win them over and that they will love to tell to others.

Ihre Geschichten

How we became the agency for honest communication.

We love stories and love to tell product stories for our clients. But here’s our own story: A few years ago we were called the “agency for modern communication” because that’s how we felt: hip, innovative and casual. We worked for our clients with commitment and passion. We eventually came to notice that our way of working wasn’t so modern, it was more traditional, even old school. What differentiates us from other agencies is the agency philosophy that we live by every day: We want to really talk to people. We want to tell true stories about products. We want to communicate honestly and on an equal footing.

These principles have not changed to this day. In 2011 we changed our name to suit our values. We are the “agency for honest communication”, because for us it’s not just about products, but more about true stories, honest values and people.

Unsere Geschichte