Durch Probieren zu Kunden machen

Produkten helfen, sich selbst zu verkaufen.

Gute Produkte verkaufen sich eigentlich von selbst. Wir helfen noch ein bisschen nach: mit Sampling. So ermöglichen wir potenziellen Kunden, Produkte erstmals kennenzulernen oder wieder neu zu entdecken. Die Chancen stehen gut, dass dieser Kontakt zu nachhaltiger Treue führt.

hempfprigge sampling haegen dasz

Tried it and then stuck with it.

Samplings are particularly popular with new product launches or product re-launches. Our list of clients in this field is correspondingly diverse.

Samplings by promoters:  BWT, Yogi Tea, Coral, Dr. Oetker

Samplings by cooperative partners: Intersnack, Jelly Belly, Bifi

Clients from this field

Sampling with a personal focus.

Samplings supported by our promoters capitalise on the persuasiveness of the product and staging of the handover situation. We therefore exert a lot of potential influence on the people we use – on their sympathies, persuasive ability and consulting expertise. We can also control the handover situation so that it’s on the brand’s terms and optimise the brand image.

Samplings by promoters

Utilise trusting relationships.

In our cooperative samplings we rely on the persuasiveness of our cooperative partners within their customer base, e.g. on the sales force at the POS, to give out a relevant test product for free. We are usually discreet about the brand image in these cases, but have the invaluable advantage of being able to be present in numerous attractive locations.
We choose these to suit the task based on atmosphere, usage situation and target audience correlation. We also benefit from the relationship of trust between the cooperative partner and their clients. This makes the client more likely to trust their product recommendation, thus emphasising it.

Samplings by cooperative partners

How we celebrate samplings.

We use distribution by both male and female promoters for samplings, as well as handouts carried out by cooperative partners. This ensures that the right type of detergent for that new outfit is being handed out in the boutique shop. Or that there’s a new drink to try out while you’re waiting in the hairdressers.

We really shine when a project is particularly challenging. For example, the sampling of Speiseeis ice creams was really exciting, because we had to ensure they were kept in the deep freeze at all times. So we developed our own mobile logistics system. In addition to classic outdoor samplings, this allowed us to carry out office samplings across Germany to reach the target group in the ideal way.