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Verkaufen liegt in unserer Natur.

Nirgends wirkt Kommunikation unmittelbarer und selten ist Erfolg präziser messbar als am Point of Sale. Im Bereich Sales fassen wir all unsere Aktivitäten zusammen, die dabei helfen, Verkäufe zu generieren. Als Allrounder im Handel bringen wir Ihre Marke den Konsumenten in jedem Outlet näher: in Kauf- oder Warenhäusern, Elektronikfachmärkten, Lebensmitteleinzelhandel, Cash and Carry oder branchenspezifischem Fachhandel. Wir fühlen uns in allen Märkten zu Hause.

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Sales results as a model
for success.

We carry out sales campaigns for a wide variety of clients, making sure they are always tailored to the relevant task-specific conditions. We have been able to support Yogi Tea, Bünting, Jelly BellyWrangler and Mekkafood, among other brands, with our sales campaigns in recent years.

Nikon is relatively new on our client list. In 2012 we started with the first nationwide operations in 80 outlets and already had thousands of specialist consultants in place within just a few months.

Clients from this field

Direct sales.

From expert advice – which we define as high quality customer service with a focus on increased sales and higher margins – through to hard selling campaigns, classic tastings and selling through positive product experience, our Personal Sales section covers all promotional actions that cause products to be bought or sold through direct and first hand contact.

Personal Sales

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Even non-personal sales actions are part of our repertoire. For example, we position advertising materials at the POS and decorate your shop-in-shop spaces using our nationwide merchandiser structure.

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How we generate sales.

To us, sales are about direct and immediate purchases. Both in terms of pure sales in the shop and sales from the shop. So we consider the logistical circuit that brings customers close to the brand. Using our years of experience, we develop the right strategy for each task and use this to derive efficient sales measures. It is important for us to share our wealth of experience with the client and to have constructive discussions with them. This openness benefits both sides. Our sales teams in the field are important sensors who report back to us directly, telling us what is working in the market or what cannot be implemented successfully. This allows us to respond to developments quickly and to optimise sales promotions.

Another tool for generating know-how is the interdisciplinary collaboration between client, trade, end user and agency in regular workshops. This helps all involved to understand their partners better and this better understanding allows us to come to far superior solutions. Building up knowledge is essential for us to continually improve our work, for example, through training and seminars for our sales teams and consultants, but also through more efficient merchandising. With a comprehensive database and specialised online tool, we offer our clients transparency that makes success comprehensible. The tool is updated daily and allows you to see how much revenue has been turned over or which contacts have been made, while automatically generated graphs immediately show you the status of your current campaign.