Kundennähe erzeugen

Marken in Gespräche bringen.

Promotions erreichen den potenziellen Kunden meist in besonders günstigen Situationen: Entspannt, häufig in der Freizeit und damit mit Zeit und Muße, sich auf eine Marke einzulassen und sich mit ihr auseinanderzusetzen. Live und umfassend – Haptik, Geruch, Geschmack – auf Wunsch alles da.

Zudem besteht eine echte Dialogsituation, mit der Möglichkeit, auf eventuelle Einwände unmittelbar einzugehen oder auch Feedback aufzunehmen und den Verbraucher besser kennenzulernen.

hempfprigge kundennaehe erzeugen

Customer contacts at the highest level.

We approach promotions with the aim of high quality and complete transparency. This is how we have gained the trust of companies and brands from various industries, e.g. Depot, Hella, Armor All and Zewa.

Clients from this field

Increase positive brand awareness.

The aim of image promotions is to increase brand awareness, evoke positive emotions and acquaint potential customers with a brand. Our campaign for Zewa came under this category, where we looked for a name for the new Zewa tiger. To do this, we had a tiger (walking act) travel to various cities with another promoter. People on the street could suggest a name for the tiger using the iPad and were then entered into a competition.

Image Promotions

Increase awareness for outlets.

We put on retail promotions that are almost like little events. This enables us to both boost sales and increase awareness in the area surrounding the outlet. We have, for example, supported the opening or re-opening of various store branches. Even the appearance of stores as part of a town festival can make them look more professional.

Retail Promotions

Celebrate a big performance.

Roadshows are rather like a big exclamation mark when it comes to communication. While these often require greater logistical expense and more extensive structures, they are rewarded with a clear presence. For example, we were present at various large events and distributed product samples for Hella with the DLF (“Quench your Thirst” vehicle). These were spectacular campaigns in every respect.


Extended hospitality.

Food and nightlife promotions are special types of image promotions which are aimed at brand awareness in defined target groups. Typical campaigns include, e.g. the campaigns that we have run for Jelly Belly for many years now. We play a game with the guests, tell a story or simply win them over with a product sample. Usually all at once...

Food / Nightlife Promotions

How we create promotions.

The promoters we use for the promotion are key to the campaign’s success. Their behaviour and appearance has to start a convincing dialogue, drum up interest and create trust and sympathy with the brand. We therefore provide regular training to make sure our teams are of the highest standards.

The other building blocks of the success of our promotions are also in keeping with our high standards. From the design through to route planning and staff scheduling, and from deployment through to logistics, production, approval procedures, training and reporting.

This ensures that our working methods are transparent and comprehensible for our clients. Because we analyse each project qualitatively and quantitatively to see to what extent we have achieved sales targets or communication objectives such as “increasing sales” or “improving the brand image”.

This is an approach that well-known brands and companies from all industries trust.