Konzeption trifft Handwerk

Ideen sichtbar gemacht.

Produktion umfasst bei uns die vier Bereiche Werbemittel, Equipment, Audio und Video. Obwohl jeder einzelne dieser Bereiche sehr umfangreich ist, leisten wir uns zugunsten sicherer Kontrolle und besserer Qualität den Luxus, Dinge selbst zu machen, die andere outsourcen. So ist es für uns selbstverständlich, Flyer und Poster genauso zu produzieren wie Merchandising- und Verkaufsartikel.

Konzeption trifft Handwerk

Der Bestseller in unserem Portfolio. (EN)

We have produced something for nearly every customer we have had in recent years. With very few exceptions. Here are just a few select clients as a representative example: HaspaLeePayback, star petrol stations and Lätta.

Clients from this field

MacGyver is our role model.

Always having to react to new challenges is what makes our job so interesting. However, we also often produce simple standard items that you might need for a production or event, e.g. campaign counters or a prize wheel. It is important to us to provide the client with the best possible quality within their specified budget constraints. The special orders that require us to make something completely new or something really tricky are particularly fun. Regardless of whether this is in the field of technology or design – we will provide the solution. This can range from unique campaign clothing through to a complete trade show appearance.


On the hunt for innovation.

Having the right product at the right time. It sounds easy but it really isn’t. Even when it comes to standard items such as flyers, postcards and posters. Producing them cheaply is one thing. But can the quality be maintained if deadlines need to be met? The same is true for USB sticks, lanyards, etc. Should you produce them in East Asia, Europe or Germany? If it’s cheap, what is the catch? We advise you and provide solutions. And if you need something completely new? We are always trying to find the newest and most exciting products, whether it’s at trade fairs or on the streets of the hippest areas.

 Advertising materials

Move people with images.

Moving images evoke the most emotion. Our video
production department has become correspondingly more important over the years. Originally, we primarily wanted to document campaigns to build up familiarity between us and
our clients. The department then steadily gained in
importance, particularly thanks to the growing opportunities
for networking offline activities using the internet.
YouTube alone provided lots of new possibilities.
We have been producing YouTube videos for our clients for several years now. Sometimes it’s a radio drama, sometimes
a music DVD for a singing, dancing mouse...


Sets the tone.

Audio is always part of our video production, but it can be a product on its own. For example, we cast several thousand children in mobile audio studios for a radio drama as part of a project for our client, Haspa. Several radio plays and songs were then performed with the children.


How we tackle production.

There are three reasons why we rely on our own production on a large scale: quality, deadlines and cost. We have greater control over all three when we do things ourselves. In addition to advertising materials and equipment, we also design entire shops and then set them up according to precise plans. For example, we created the flagship branch of Haspa on Jungfernstieg. The new and unique Entertainment Lounge is not just eye-catching, but also full of all sorts of technical gadgets, such as a multi-touch table and a fully automated green screen photo wall.