Meridian Spa

Fit for success.

MeridianSpa stands for the well-being of body, mind and soul. With six facilities in Hamburg, Berlin and Kiel, around 30,000 members and numerous day guests, the company is a market leader in the premium segment of the fitness and wellness industry in its three core competencies fitness, wellness and body care. We have worked for MeridianSpa since 2007.

Playing with the brand.

We developed an entertaining prize draw mechanism for various out-of-home promotional campaigns. Customers could play the MeridianSpa game against one another or against the promoter.

It works like charades, with players having to guess the word from the other contestant’s explanation, drawing or mime. The winner received an original MeridianSpa water bottle.

Close to the premium target group. 

We carried out regional promotions at target group-specific locations (restaurants, shopping centres, streets, offices, universities, trade fairs, street festivals) to draw attention to what MeridianSpa has to offer and gain new prospective members for the club. We operated a simple game mechanism in some places and a simple voucher sample giveaway in others.

The new status symbol. 

In order to highlight the premium services offered by MeridianSpa in Hamburg and Berlin, we placed driver cards on correspondingly expensive cars.

The whole project was supported by a promotional campaign and a display-based flyer handout.