Reliable values.

Lee is the authentic American denim brand with 122 years of workwear tradition. Numerous innovations have made the brand famous around the world (such as the introduction of the first bib overalls in 1911, the union-all overall in 1913). Later innovations included the first jeans with a fly closure and the first slim fit denim jacket.

Lee currently sells a wide range of denim clothing and accessories in over 100 countries. We have worked for Lee, part of the VF Corporation, since 2011. The VF Corporation is one of the world’s largest clothing companies and a market leader in jeans, underwear, work clothing and rucksacks. Their portfolio also includes brands such as Wrangler, Eastpak and many more.


Close customer loyalty.

We were tasked with designing a creative and simple promotional idea for the instore promotion of Lee
‘Fit Stretch Deluxe’ women’s jeans. The promotion was to be attended by both key account and sales field customers (such as P&C, Wöhrl and other smaller distributors) and to be integrated into the existing “In your body we trust” campaign. What could be better than getting the target audience involved at the heart of the promotion? To do this, we created photoshoots with customers and animated them to test out the comfort of the jeans during spontaneous yoga exercises.

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Top in Shop-in-Shop.

Consulting is key in Karstadt department stores – that is why our team carried out a successful sales promotion for Lee over the Christmas period in their shop-in-shop areas. It was necessary to improve the sales and brand awareness – and there also needed to be a clear signal to trade partners that Lee is a brand to be reckoned with. It was successful. The sales promotion improved the trade partner’s satisfaction and Lee also enjoyed an increase in sales.


Campaign stars while shopping.

As part of an existing campaign strategy, customers were photographed in the style of campaign motifs and received a framed photo as a souvenir. We invited the customers to pick out and try on a pair of Lee Stretch Deluxe jeans after their individual product consultation. The central idea was to try out movements that are usually uncomfortable when wearing jeans – the campaign was the inspiration to experience the product in person. If the customer liked the flexibility of the jeans, she was then photographed along with her name and became part of the Lee campaign. We printed out the resulting photo and gave it to the customer in a high quality frame as a personalised giveaway gift. The two objectives of the campaign were achieved in full: we generated a great deal of product contact, during which the customers were won over by the Lee Stretch Deluxe jeans, and the trade partners were completely satisfied.