Mit Leidenschaft erdacht

Wahre Kommunikation beginnt mit einem guten Plan.

Sie wissen, was Sie mit Ihrer Kommunikation erreichen wollen. Wir finden Wege, die Sie an dieses Ziel bringen und entwickeln Geschichten, die Ihre Zielgruppe dorthin mitnehmen. Geschichten, die für Gespräche sorgen. Gespräche über Ihre Marke, Ihr Unternehmen, Ihre Leistungen. So konzipieren wir wahre Kommunikation für Sie.

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A series of planned successes.

Our designs are as diverse as our clients.

For example, we designed a very well received POS photo campaign for Lee. We have also designed and implemented campaigns for Jelly Belly, McCormick, Audi, Becel and many more. We have come up with a number of campaigns for Haspa since we began working with them in 2005. Including a dancing mouse that appeals directly to children on an emotional level and provides information about saving money.

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How we design honest communication.

How we design honest communication. For us, design means translating goals into stories. Because stories can be told quickly and then retold to others. And people like to remember stories. Just as they did around the campfire in ancient times. And this still works today, albeit in other places. We create stories that start conversations. Conversations about your brand, your company, your services. These stories can of course touch on existing themes if they are to be used in below-the-line channels – networked with other channels such as PR, the internet or traditional media. We develop honest communication for you. The demand for creating honest communication also automatically stops us from following pipe dreams using our client’s budget. Because we make absolutely certain that our ideas can be implemented and that the set budget is in line with what we can reasonably achieve. Efficiency and efficacy are our currency.