Jelly Belly

The treat from California that’s on everyone’s lips

Jelly Belly Beans, the delicious jelly sweets from sunny California, have taken consumer’s hearts by storm. The unique selling point is the variety of flavours and the “true to life flavour”. They only have 4 calories (kcal) per bean and contain no fat or gelatine. Jelly Belly is the world leader in this segment. In Germany, Jelly Belly Beans are distributed by Starkfried GmbH/ Jelly Belly Candy Company Europe from Norderstedt, who we have worked for since 2010.


We focus on taste.

As part of the central idea of the 2011 campaign, Jelly Belly (Starkfried) tasked us with developing a concept for various BTL measures. This included sampling measures with nationwide office sampling, restaurant and event promotions, sales and tasting campaigns in trade and much more. In 2013 we once again played an important role in a Jelly Belly campaign. Based on the “Live your flavour” campaign slogan, we changed it to “Bet on your flavour” for the Jelly Belly Bean lottery. Jelly Belly fans were offered various promotional activities for their favourite flavour and were in with the chance of winning great Jelly Belly prizes.
This campaign was extended with the lottery prize
draw on Facebook.


Like no other.

We created little worlds of experience with product advice and tastings in department stores, thereby increasing sales. We provided samples of a huge selection of the 50 official varieties, and customers could once again join the Jelly Belly Bean lottery by betting on their favourite flavour.


Straight on the scene.

The Jelly Belly Bean lottery involved us creating eye-catching promotions in offices, the food industry and other relevant locations. Our promoters lit up the working day by injecting a bit of sweetness and colour. The Jelly Belly Bean lottery is an entertaining game of chance which is also allowed during working hours. A Jelly Belly Box was even provided right in the office for big fans. This meant that there was nothing standing in the way of trying out different flavours. The promoters took the Bean lottery game to bars as part of the gastro promotion. Fans could bet on their favourite bean flavour at their tables and be put in with the chance of winning an instant prize. Meanwhile, the fan base on Facebook grew steadily, while the winner of the Jelly Belly Bean lottery won the most delicious jackpot: 25,000 Jelly Belly Beans!


Big world meets little bean.

We enjoy hitting the streets for the little beans. Our promoters gave out jelly beans to young, trendy target groups in large cities across Germany. We did our part in contributing to increased awareness of the colourful beans through street and event sampling.


Production under control.

We have designed, constructed and produced equipment for various measures with the help of our partner. This includes campaign equipment and various giveaway products. The products were really eye-catching.