Whiskey is liquid sunshine

Jameson Irish Whiskey – a brand under the Pernod Ricard umbrella – was first created 200 years ago and has since become the world’s leading Irish whiskey brand. More and more discerning connoisseurs enjoy its particularly mild taste and good quality. In Jameson they find the “spirit of Ireland”.

John Jameson founded his distillery in 1780 with the aim of making his whiskey the best on the market. He soon found that his product could be improved by triple distillation. Today, Jameson Irish Whiskey combines the traditions of the past with modern expertise. Jameson has been a customer of ours since 2012.

Jameson meets Ginger Ale

We developed various concepts and strategies for events, sponsorships and catering in close cooperation with the Jameson Brand Management team. Our ideas are based on a clear brand definition and the constant endeavour to communicate clearly on all channels.

We have primarily strengthened the establishment of Jameson Irish Whiskey as a mixed drink, with a focus on Jameson Ginger Ale. The likeable and open-minded brand is primarily aimed towards a trendy target group. It’s suitable for all activities, but always accompanied by the ‘drink responsibly’ slogan, as Jameson communicates and promotes the moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol. 

Ring the bell

Following the colourful kick-off event, we led a two-month gastro promotion in clubs and bars across Hamburg. The focus here was on small, refined bars which had a good selection of high-quality spirits. The concept was based on a simple but eye-catching idea which led people to enjoy trying Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Promotional teams went out to bars on the weekends and rang the Jameson bell for a free round. Every guest was allowed to try a Jameson Ginger Ale, received more information about the brand, the recipe and the way of life that Jameson embodies.

The name’s Jameson. John Jameson.

We developed an event concept for the Hamburg kick-off of the large scale media campaign.

The focus here was on addressing restauranteurs and bartenders, as well as other multipliers for the brand message. The campaign slogan, “When ordering,
say a name. My name.” was published on the evening of the events programme.

In “KIXX”, 150 guests were given the opportunity to experience the mild whiskey both on its own and mixed into long drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. They could also compete against the incumbent table football world champion. Based on the initialisation measures for Jameson Ginger Ale in Hamburg, hempfprigge* continues to conduct all tasks for sponsoring events in the wider Hamburg area. This has included our work for the brand at the Baltic Soul Weekender, Surf & Skate Festival, Best of Poetry Slam
and the short film festival.