We provide communication solutions that are easy, 
genuine, creative, entertaining, personal and
that work in direct dialogue. This is integrated
communication with a focus on non-traditional channels. 

We create stories that stick. We get conversations started.
We arrange experiences with products and services. 

We generate a feeling of familiarity with brands.
We create issues that are the topic of conversation.

Was Sie von uns erwarten dürfen.

We analyse:

Why do you do what you do? What is honest and
valuable about what you offer? What do the people
from whom you want something want in return?

We create ideas:

How can we create a direct, authentic and creative
dialogue between you and your target audience?

We open doors:

Where are your target audience, what do they do and
how can we match your message with the recipient
in the best way possible?

We plan success:

What means do we have to use to achieve a
certain result?

We create transparency:

How do we prepare results so that you can learn
the most from them?

Was wir in Ihren Erfolg investieren.

We have 6,500 freelance employees in all the relevant cities and regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We have around 20,000 attractive sampling partners for cooperative samplings in our files.

Continuous cooperation with our regional supervisors ensures lasting regional expertise.

We use an online database to select, manage and assess our sampling partners and promoters.

Wir sind, wo die Menschen sind.
  • Consistent quality management is an integral part of our organisation.
  • We value trustworthy and transparent cooperation.
  • We respond rapidly and flexibly. We keep to client budgets.
  • We utilise our network with other advertising, media and PR agencies.
  • Only motivated, reliable, trained and experienced staff represent our clients.
  • We agree on goals and achieve them.
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