The element of surprise.

Guerrilla marketing allows us to break free from expectations and bring people into contact with brands in a special way and in unusual situations.

This makes guerrilla marketing suitable for smaller budgets, as it creates a good story which raises awareness. To maximise this attention, we usually have a film to accompany the campaign; we post this on channels such as YouTube or Facebook where they can gain additional momentum.

It’s no surprise that the more surprising a story is, the greater the probability that people will talk about it and generate a greater media response.

Expect the unexpected

Surprisingly compelling.

While guerrilla marketing is par for the course for start-up companies, established companies in particular can really surprise people by using smart campaigns that no one would expect of them. We have already designed and implemented guerrilla campaigns of all sizes for various companies. These include: Desigual, star petrol stations,
FlorenaDieselAudiRamaHaspa, Elba, MeridianSpa
and many others.

Clients from this field

Precision with a tailored approach.

Guerrilla campaigns are tailored to the client’s individual requirements. Experience regarding the feasibility of a campaign at a specific time and a perfect understanding of the brand’s characteristics are key. The slightest miscalculation or wrong timing can result in the failure of the entire campaign. That is why detailed yet discreet groundwork is particularly important in this type of campaign.

Tailored campaigns

How we implement guerrilla tactics.

Guerrilla marketing provides great opportunities to surprise your target audience, but it can also have associated risks. However, if done correctly, guerrilla marketing need not keep your legal department awake at night. We know the possible pitfalls and approve many campaigns in advance with the relevant authorities or partners.

Based on our wealth of experience, we have already been able to design and implement campaigns for numerous companies, including Diesel, Audi and Rama. We carried out a particularly comprehensive project for Becel, whereby 40 promoters carried out “crazy activities in crazy places”. To do this, the promoters underwent intensive training and studied different choreography to prepare them for the job. The whole campaign was documented on film and published online.