Funny Frisch

It’s crunch time!

The brand started a taste revolution with the introduction of the ‘Chipsfrisch Hungarian’ classic crisps in 1968. Since then, young and old alike have enjoyed the funny-frisch unique paprika taste and the brand have been market leaders in Germany for many years. The range currently includes a wide selection of potato crisps, snack specialities such as the popular Erdnuss Flippies (peanut puffs), Jumpys, Ringli and Piccos. funny-frisch is part of the Intersnack company, who we have worked for since 2012. We have also supported other company brands such as Chio and Pom Bears in sampling campaigns.


Delicious on the spot.

Intersnack conducts its trade tastings for Intersnack products using its own promotional personnel. To improve their sales even further, we designed and carried out individual sales training for the promotional personnel.


Snacks on tour.

We are frequently called on to provide promotions for Intersnack. We initiated the Big Flippies Summer and Big Flippies X-Mas campaigns for funny-frisch. We also conducted nationwide outdoor samplings at football derbies, festivals, Christmas markets and other events. In addition to the design, planning and production, we also took responsibility for the implementation. We also enjoy going on tour for the Big Flippies brand. This includes promotions at sporting events, where we give the fans a taste of the action at campaign stalls. Other campaigns include the Big Flippies video shoots, under the slogans “Mr. Big loves Cologne and football” and “Mr. Big loves Christmas markets and winter”, for example.


You can’t pass up such great flavour.

We distributed 20g sample bags of the new funny-frisch Kessel Chips at business hotels, car rental points, beach clubs and even company and business events to get them into the hands of the target market. Our services here included design, cooperative partner selection and briefing, delivery, supervision, a campaign hotline, store checks and reporting. We also set up a cooperative sampling for funny-frisch Chipsfrisch BBQ where we presented the product under the topic of “BBQ” at DIY stores, garden centres, butchers and outlets for home accessories.