Zu Gast bei Ihrer Marke

Einladung zur Kommunikation.

Wenn ein Event Ihre Marke kommunikativ unterstützen soll, dann ist es wichtig, dass das Event unter dem Strich eine Geschichte erzählt, die überrascht und in den Köpfen hängen bleibt. Zudem muss die Geschichte zur Marke, zum Produkt, zur Dienstleistung passen. Und sie muss so erzählt werden, dass die Gäste Ihrer Veranstaltungen diese Geschichte weitererzählen.

hempfprigge einladung zur kommunikation

Events with the essence of the brand.

We have been able to put on events for many different brands, to evoke emotions and bring people together. Our events range from public, corporate, exhibition, employee, consumer and PR events through to roadshows.

We have designed and organised events for AudiHaspa, Procter & Gamble, Havana Club, Ramazzotti and Jameson, among others.

Our work for Ramazotti was particularly exciting. The client wanted us to create an entirely new series of events. These were to be on the subjects of art, culture and fashion. This was how “Mode e Arte” was born – a scene event which provides a breeding ground for urban, contemporary art and culture. And all under the umbrella of a well-staged and spontaneous party.

Clients from this field

Convincing on a large scale.

Security and talking to target audiences are the greatest challenges posed by public events. They usually cannot be planned too exactly, as lots of people attend the event, so security measures must be prepared for every eventuality. There must also be intelligent invitation management to ensure that the right people come to the event. This last factor was crucial for a public auction we organised for Audi Hamburg. The aim here was not to have a high number of visitors, but to have a high number of those who might be actively interested in bidding in attendance.

Public Events

The inner circle.

We have already designed and organised conferences, seminars, team building events and incentives for various companies. Whether it’s for a product launch within the company, for employee training and team building or for annual company or Christmas parties, improving identification within a company is becoming increasingly important. Even corporate events with only a limited guest list are an essential part of direct communication these days. Because you rarely come as close to your employees as you do during a corporate event.

Corporate Events

The fun begins.

We primarily support clients from the drinks industry when it comes to Gastro Events. Either directly on-site in a club or bar, or at special events. We are happy to organise a VIP bar for a single event or even an entire tour. Whether it’s an entertaining bartender or just a cocktail expert, a dancing act, show or DJ – our events always offer something fun.

Gastro Events

The latest in corporate representation.

Whether it’s designing an entire trade show appearance or just organising part of it – we help you with the organisation and implementation. We support you with comprehensive guidance and all-round customer service. So you can find answers to questions about other visitor events or the right promotional activities.

Trade Fairs

How we make events successful.

Well-planned events are a unique opportunity to show off a brand environment and communicate with your target audience in a relaxed atmosphere. This requires sharp focus on the objective and strict adherence to budgets.

Unusual ideas help us to get the most out of every budget and create tailored productions with the highest levels of quality and individuality – from strategic advice, designing, planning, implementation and staging through to evaluation and monitoring.

The particular setting of events, which are essentially run live in front of an audience, means that errors cannot be tolerated. We consistently prevent these by utilising our wealth of experience and professional processes.