Good things take time.

Germany is one of the most important international markets for Emmi, Switzerland’s largest milk processor and one of the most innovative dairies in Europe. Emmi products – healthy muesli, delicious fondue or perfectly roasted iced coffees in the refrigerated section – are already very popular here.

No cheese: together with our partner agency, WWP Creative, we supported Emmi in the direct, personal and target group-specific marketing of their lifestyle and convenience products.

So fresh – so you.

Likeable, cool and mobile: working together with the creative department of the WWP Group, WWP Creative, we designed the “Fresh City Tour” for Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE.

Our promoters ensured plenty of visibility and cool refreshment on hot summer days by handing out samples of the finest speciality coffees in large German cities. Strikingly branded Segways meant promoters were particularly swift and agile, so they could get as many people as possible in the target group-relevant areas to taste and see the products within a short space of time.