Good material

The Italians know it all when it comes to fashion. The trend label Diesel was founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978 and is still run by him to this day. In addition to the typical Diesel five pocket jeans with their distinctive cut, the label also offers items such as accessories and perfume. The brand now employs 1,300 people who spread the Diesel fashion message around the world. Diesel operates 200 stores in 12 countries from its headquarters in Molvena (Italy). We have carried out various guerrilla campaigns for Diesel since 2008.

Picture-perfect birthday

Diesel turned 30 in 2008 and celebrated with its XXX birthday party. It wasn’t for good boys. Eye-catching, inexpensive and daring – hempfprigge* painted the Diesel message on the wall.

In a night-time spraying campaign, our promoters spread the party announcement around Diesel shops and other relevant areas in eight large cities. They were armed with templates, red spray cans and a sense of adventure.

And there were plenty of adventures – with the police, municipal enforcement officers and nocturnal citizens. But nothing could stop them from completing their mission.