Visuelle Kommunikation

Even before the first direct contact is made with the product or the promoter, our first impressions are governed by the visual aspect. This is when our first, still pure, opinions are formed. There is therefore little that is so important as an appealing design that is relevant to target groups, whether we are working on a poster, a promotional counter, product packaging or an invitation to an event. Along with our in-house graphics department, we implement your design projects from a single source from the initial idea to the first scribbles through to the final artwork. Whether the design is in accordance with standardised Corporate Design or whether you are taking a completely different approach, we will attune ourselves entirely to your wishes and are looking forward to implementing creative ideas together with you.

Creativity connects us

As different as all our clients at the agency are, there is one thing that brings them all together: creatively thought-out and narrated campaigns.

This is even more true in the field of design. We appreciate things that stand out. Whether it’s particularly innovative, absolutely hip or unusually withdrawn.

In the last few years we have created layouts for a really diverse range of clients such as the fashion label Lascana, Beck’s, Hamburger Sparkasse, Reemstsma and Pernod Ricard. We covered everything from the invitation to the complete look of the event, so we could really break through creative barriers.

The look makes it

From a digital save-the-date to a 3D view of the event location with an individually designed look: the visualisation of a project is often a core element of the project work right from the beginning.

In this area, we work either within the framework of pre-existing corporate design standards or on the basis of a new idea, the elements of which are only created in the course of the collaboration.

One special project in this respect was the event design for the Lascana show as part of Berlin Fashion Week. We were fully responsible for the design, from the first draft of the key visuals through to the look of the stage.

Say it with pictures

Complementing information by adding pictorial representations to the text or even conveying them in a holistically visual way is one of the oldest forms of communication in the world. That’s why good illustrations are often a key element of sales and marketing strategy. With our in-house graphic design, this central element always remains close to the overall project and any losses due to laborious routes of communication are avoided.

This has worked well for a particularly long time in collaboration with Hamburger Sparkasse as to this day, we are still responsible for the illustrations of the mascot we developed, “Manni the mouse”.

Representing honest communication

For every story that we tell for your products, there are also striking images which take hold in customers’ heads. These could simply be images in the basic sense of the word, of the experience on location. But, as well as this visual experience, there is also the overall optical impression that the campaign leaves behind. Is the event look coherent and exciting? Does the advertising material work with the campaign? Is the required information conveyed and does it appeal to the target group? If we and the client can answer this question with a satisfied “Yes”, then there is nothing stopping it being a successful campaign, at least from the perspective of our design department.