Maßgeschneiderte Medien erfinden

Freiräume nutzen.

Ambient ist ein Bereich, der sich dynamisch entwickelt und in dem heute vieles zum Standard gehört, was noch vor kurzem Avantgarde war. Insofern dürfen Sie bei uns selbstverständlich Flyer und Postkartenauslage in der Gastronomie oder im Trendhandel erwarten. Oder auch neuere Medien wie Adhäsions-Flyer, Drivercards, Bikecards oder das Posterbike, die auch schon fast Klassiker sind. Darüber hinaus konzipieren wir auch unkonventionellere Aktionen wie Kreidesprayings, Lost-Dog-Zettel, das Aufhängen von Einkaufstüten oder unseren Guerilla-Beamer. Wichtig bei der Nutzung dieser Medien ist, sie so einzusetzen, dass ein möglichst hoher Effekt erzielt wird. Dazu kann im einen Fall ein punktueller Einsatz sinnvoll sein, im anderen Fall ist vielleicht eine flächendeckende Aussteuerung nötig. Wir beraten Sie gerne dazu.

Maßgeschneiderte Medien erfinden

The allure of success.

Ambient has gained widespread acceptance. You can see this from a quick glance at the list of clients we have helped with campaigns. And this list is by no means comprehensive: Jelly Belly, LättaMeridianSpaAudi, Greenpeace Energy, Antenne Niedersachsen, Haspa, Elba, Eon Hanse, Lexxus, Wrangler, Otto brandneu, Desigual and others.

Kunden aus diesem Bereich

Well received wherever it goes.

Our sleek poster bike is an eye-catching recumbent bike which certainly draws attention from the people on the street. It is great in pedestrian areas, but can also be used at trade fairs and events. It can also be used to distribute flyers, etc.


Impress on the go.

Our water-repellent ‘driver cards’ have gentle suction cups and allow you to always reach your target audience. Because a car says a lot about the driver. Tell us about your target audience and we will tell you about the right cars to target.


Secure greater power of persuasion.

Although these types of flyers have been around for several years, they are still surprising. They are not sticky, yet adhere to nearly any surface. Like driver cards and bike cards, they are also well-suited as attention-grabbing coupons. The target audience simply takes the flyer off the wall and then uses the code on it.


Hanging success.

You’ll recognise them from hotels: the classic door hanger sends a clear message. And if this message is on my door or bike, I’m going to want to know what it’s about. You can be sure of the full attention of your target audience. Instead of cards we can also attach bags, bike saddle covers, etc.


Conspicuous, yet impressive.

Our guerrilla projector is a new, flexible tool that allows you to attract attention on the street. Whether it’s films or changing images, people will stop to look. Our technology is also interactive so that we can interact unseen with passers-by using an iPad.


Down-to-earth information.

Take a template and chalk spray, stand outside the competition and spray a message onto the ground. Even if you don’t want to annoy your competition in such a direct way, your message will still be everywhere. Regardless of whether all bulletin boards are already full with flyers. And because the chalk fades away in time, there won’t be any complaints, just increased attention.


Neat and clean.

We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative types of advertising. We use templates and a mobile high pressure cleaner to brand streets, pavements and walls for our clients. Street branding is environmentally-friendly, creative and, put simply, clean. The contrast between the normal street dirt and partially cleaned surface produces a marketing message on the asphalt. This type of art is also called ‘reverse graffiti’. Street branding lasts for a long time and cannot simply be washed away. And since it’s cleaning the street, no one can have anything against it. It is the perfect choice for guerrilla advertising as it’s cheap, innovative and can be placed directly in the path of your target audience. We’d be happy to leave a clean impression on your behalf.


Very easy and far-reaching.

You can get people talking with free cards, flyers and catalogues. Assuming you put them in the right displays and outlets, that is. Because otherwise your target group won’t see your message. They are best in places that people stop for a while – whether a university, a favourite bar, at the gym, hairdresser’s or in a hotel. The advertising is voluntarily used by your target group and is a wonderfully simple marketing tool that produces a long-lasting impact. We are happy to help with the production, suitable distribution and clever selection of locations.

Freecards, Flyer und Broschüren

How we are continuing to develop the Ambient department.

Ambient media has the great advantage of reaching people in a private, low-stimulus environment. Whether it’s in a restaurant, university or school, at the gym, while out shopping or in lots of other locations: we can use our eye-catching ambient media tools virtually anywhere. There are a couple of rules critical to the success of using these media effectively. Just one example: content should not be overly informative or too boring. Instead, tell your audience a short story that logically derives from what you have to offer. This is the easiest for people to remember. Talk to us if you want to find out what else is important.